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Diving Deep and Flying high or Oil in the Gulf

This last few months there have been major changes in the vibrations of the earth and in all of us.  Since September many of us have been told to rest, rest, and rest.  I was told in no uncertain terms that for the next few months I was to clean house, clear myself, get healthy again and rest, none of which I was happy and joyful about.  After my work with the dolphins and the proactive stance I took in cleaning up the waters of the Gulf, I moved back to Mississippi where the air was clear and clean and recovered from breathing the fumes of oil and Corexit in the gulf.  I do very very busy quite well, resting not so well.

When I asked my Dolphin Guides why, I felt like I was being punished.  They were very clear when they told me “It is imperative that humans know that they did a good job in coming together like never before to show the world that the water healings made a huge difference in the outcome of this disaster.  Yes, there will still be repercussions and yes, there is more work to be done.  We will let you know when to start again with the beach energies and the energy work you do with the world.”

Many of us got the same message.  It was time to turn inward and work with ourselves.  So I left Ft. Walton Beach, moved back to Mississippi, cleared and remodeled my home with the help of Dominic.  Lucky for me I have a beautiful pond right in my front yard to be with the water.  For months they even told me to stay off the computer and focus on my own journey and reconnection with my husband.  On spiritual journeys, there are times to swim as fast as you can and periods of stillness and deepening.  The trick is to know when it is time to do either.

When the birds fell out of the sky and the fish started beaching I was told again to go to the beach at Navarre Fl, and do another beach activation.  So off I went again.  The energy was an amazing Blue and even with all the talk about the coldness of the beach and it was, when the energy hit and went around the world we were no longer cold.  I was told that this balanced the new energy’s coming into the earth and calmed down the New Madrid Fault and transmuted the energy that was being sent out to unbalance the Magnetics and Electrical fields of the earth specifically in the areas that were experiencing the frequencies sent out by HAARP.

I have received the messages from Sandi Duffy that this will be the year of surprises for all of us.  It is important to pay attention to any expectations and be careful with our perceived outcomes. In other words, don’t get stuck in results and expectations, as this really sets the stage to be the observer of our lives.  By doing so, we can we can clearly see our reactions to to things, thereby learning to let go and really go with the flow!

I have also been told by my guides to share with everyone the vital importance of grounding the new energies that are here to the earth.  This means we are to ground ourselves constantly.  Some of the methods I use is to picture a cord of light going from my heart to the center of the earth and connecting.  Play with colors and see what color works for you.  Go outside and get into nature.  Sit next to a tree on the ground.  Put your feet in the sand.  Send love to the water and love to the earth.  It will be spring soon and time to dig in the dirt and plant flowers and food.
The Seaweed Beings, who have their roots firmly in the ocean floor, and yet, no matter what direction the sea currents go, they do not resist, they go with the flow.  This is a good lesson to apply to ourselves.

I am teaching classes at Capstone House in Panama City Beach, FL. this March1, at 7pm on the Ascention Card that I channeled.
March 1st, I will be at Navarre Beach, FL at 2pm doing another beach activation.
February 12th, I will be at Capstone House for the Festival all day Saturday.
And in July, I am going to the country of Panama with Anne Gordon to swim with the Dolphins and Whales and host a playshop.

If anyone needs further information on any of these events please contact me at Dolphinhugs4u2@aol.com.  Or call me at 601-466-6559.  I will get them on my website in a few days.  I will have them on Facebook in detail. I have also been told to start readings, Channelings, and Dolphin Energy Healings again.  I can work by phone or call to set up an appt.

I made the commitment in sharing these newsletters that if I did not have anything to say I would not send out anything.  So thank you for your patience with this process and with me in getting these messages out.  Most of all, thank you Dolphins, Whales, Guides and Angels for your love and patient guidance.

Dolphin Hugs and Bubbles of Joy to all of you!

Cyndie Lepori, Dolphin and Ocean Energy Ambassator

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Comment by Bluesky~Valerie on February 21, 2011 at 8:16am

Awesome Cindy, Thanks for sharing. Can't do Pictures here, I guess til I get this pc cleaned out, or else I'd send you a big fat Kiss!! lol

Thank you for all the work you do, in and out of the ocean!

Not that any other energy isn't as beautiful, but Dolphin energy is so pure and Sweet and bubbly!

We are constantly brought new energies, and they affect us in so many ways, ungrounded, they can make us hyper, loopy, tense/intense.  Empaths can feel them rather strongly and intensely. So Grounding them is soo important and of course so helpful to our earth and atmosphere.

We are all doing new things and it is easy to get caught up and not take care of ourselves. There is nothing like being of service and being who we were intended to be.

Thank you for leading the way!! Love & Blessings, Valerie

Comment by Cyndie Lepori on February 9, 2011 at 9:40pm
Yummy!  Dolphins!  Joy!Joy!Joy!
Comment by Thomas M. Jones on February 9, 2011 at 6:47pm


Blessings and Light




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