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Being a Lightworker is the essence of Soul load a mission with strong inner desire to spread Light and expanding knowledge, freedom and love on earth. We feel that as a batalha.A All those who remain unconvinced that this big blue ball this the greatest of all schools of infinite redemption of incondicional.A love you all TO ALL wayfarers COSMIC ESPACIAI MUCH LIGHT OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE INFINITE-FLEUR DE LIS ®.
An information shared LIGHT. "Love and truth are two sides of God. Truth is the end, the love, the way."
Light, Love and Power restored the Divine Plan on Earth!

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SONS OF STARS MOTHER - MARY - Archangel Michael



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The Cosmos is a fusion of energies at a given point in the universe that generates potential differences , creating , from a core divisions called dimensions or energy centers of a universe in formation . In each division we have a dimension in each dimension and a cluster of Universes , by the turn generate worlds in 4 states of matter ( gas , liquid , plasma and matter) . To these worlds we call planets . Places where life will form in their earliest states , growing to more developed states . In these field experiments , the Divine Spark , evolving consciousness , come to inhabit follow their processes of growth to become the largest consciences , as minerals , plants, animals , humans , cosmic beings , cosmic masters , angels , archangels and . .. Cosmic gods of a quadrant . The whole process takes billions and billions of years ... Cosmic God and this is growing and expanding experiences , thus generating sidereal systems , dimensional and physical worlds . In this expansion process occurring cosmic Big Bang , creating fragments of matter , nebulae , stars and constellations ... creating parallel dimensions and solid worlds with the possibility of life as we know it. At this time of growing up , God Himself is divided into small fragments ... Divine Sparks ... which are then scattered by the 12 dimensions for thinking that there is life and consciousness ... individual intelligences ... self-conscious of
be part of something bigger , but also be aware of one being in itself. From this moment the hierarchies created by this very God , Archangel , begin an evolutionary trek to the top of the cosmic - mill network , thus generating a current of energy that nourishes and nurtures awareness of this being light in which the growth its own hierarchy is himself. Earth scientists have discovered that every
black hole is a portal to another universe , and that's what generated this a gigantic black hole has energy that self - implode opening a crack in the cosmos and migrating to another place in the universe . Black holes are portals that use these Gods in training to move to another cosmic place. We can say that everything has a beginning, a middle and an end , but this end is , in fact , the transformation from one energy to another kind of higher power . Nothing is lost ... everything is transformed .

MIKAEL represents the energy -generating light of all life in this quadrant of the Universe . Is the God of our Central Sun ... the God of our Universe ... the Milky Way. The God of our Central Sun is located near the Central Sun Alcyone , near the constellation of the Pleiades . Life was generated through the process of living ... dimension to dimension ... were evolving larger ... near the core ... down , creating and expanding the field to maintain dominion over the worlds of matter experiments . A civilization was forming a breed continued to grow throughout the quadrant ... LIRA . They were extremely advanced technologically and spiritually .
A group of Lirianos was sent on assignment to a more distant galaxy in one of their ships of Light .. It was another quadrant ... another dimension .

The mission objective was to form a new race in a new place . This new race would be the fusion of positive and pure energies of LIRA and the negative of the new site ... generating a new life that would replace the ancestral race.
Five brilliant races were generated . The original names are different, but were later known here on earth as Draco , Orion, Antares, Arcturus and the Pleiades.
• DRACO were the first to form solid physical structures .
• ORION defined its essence with mutants that absorbed the knowledge and different genetic experienced it , and applied it in themselves . Some breeds Orianas came to be extinct because of these experiences.
• ANTARES brought the emotional pattern .
• ARCTURUS took responsibility for the portal of life ... the reincarnation chakras .
• Pleiades search brought the concepts of balance and spread of feminine energy . It is closer to Lirianos race.

Began to be trouble between these races , whose purity was threatened by existing disputes ... the vital plasma no longer radiated more subtle energies . Lucifer was then tasked to help these five races ... to end the conflict .
Original Lirianos had returned in light of the scale ... had accomplished its mission . Lucifer sought solutions to solve the problem of these breeds so they press ahead its way to colonize other worlds . Lucifer came to be venerated by the ease with which administered all quadrants of the galaxy . Began to apply a new pattern of relationship with the people of 5D ... the counter like some Archangels Lucifer thought that too compassionate ... because the Cosmic Laws should be better enforced. Lucifer has revolutionized the culture of civilizations eliminating completely the memory of Lirianos so completely dominating the new generations , taking full control of the entire quadrant. We're talking about beings who controlled time and space.
Having spent thousands of years , Satan - Represent Lucifer - was considered a God in that galaxy , as Mikael was now considered a God of the past ... a God of Lirianos . It was at this point - that the pressure on these worlds to complete submission to the domain of Satan , whose empire grew and called Satania - which began to appear recalcitrant races opposing the domination that gave this knowledge ... but controlled the lives of other beings and their evolutionary paths .
At this time , part of the races in protest , with the intention to disconnect the belt to form a new group of action elsewhere in the Universe . As mediator , seeking to solve the pressure Empire Satania about them . After several attempts at an agreement and negotiations , it was then that the commander Jehovah managed to gather his people in ships ... after painstakingly ... and in the middle of a battle , coming out victorious , resigned from the dominion of Satan's Empire . Jehovah was one of the last commanders linked to the hierarchy of Lirianos linked to the Archangel Mikael .
At this time ... Archangel Mikael , and the other Archangels ... with the consent of GOD ... released the following statement :
Unfortunately , Lucifer, with his good intentions , but with a little ego was too tolerant of Satan, allowing control ... the formation of an empire . This civilization pays the mistake of trusting a single being , and suffer for abandoning your Divine Spark and be guided by a single spark , which , by receiving too high energies , wanted to return to its original condition before the time of ripening , thus generating a scale of suffering to create the feeling of selfishness , which leads to the feeling of separatism of cosmic reality , the path of bitterness , sadness , abandonment, and finally to hatred and self-destruction . With these acts pass these races as part of me and my learning about myself , generating the breakdown of myself , the self that reconnects me if it is pure in its essence, but it self-destructs if centralized itself . With this, the laws of the cosmos that are part of me and me being the law , the law of action and reaction was generated . The cause has an effect . The action of denying your Divine Spark generates forgetting herself and her divine reality , until there is purity and emptiness needed to reconnect with me .
From this action all races generated from this , and subsequent to the dimensions below , will go through the process of forgetting who they are , to reactivate your Divine Spark and back in conscience to me. The races will be left to absorb these future passed by cosmic masters , sent on a mission to prepare the awakening of each Divine Spark that my presence there , and can make you real knowledge .
Lucifer felt guilty and , with the bruised ego itself banned from participation in the Council of the Archangels ... now controls his empire , along with Satan, his representative that had controlled almost all races that quarter . Was this cosmic moment that a group called the Confederation of Orion ... coordinated by beings of the five races , with support from the Pleiadian Commander Jehovah , formed an alliance between the races to eliminate the power of Satan . Feeling that they could suffer serious casualties, the new Alliance appealed to the Cosmic Masters who asked for support to Angelic Beings , for it was the possibility of the extinction of at least 3 races of the Covenant , since the power of Lucifer and Satan had increased by having achieved
support of some groups of rebellious angels .
Archangel Mikael called the higher dimensions a Being of Light With a lot of support from the Archangel Gabriel ... this Light Being able to expel and exile Lucifer elsewhere away from the galaxy . Lucifer was condemned to be exiled in another place farther away the galaxy , to be forgiven and return to live with the other Archangels . This was to be called by Mikael , is the positive principle of the Self ... our Divine Spark ... our Higher Self ... our Divine I AM Presence .
Your name is Ashtar Cosmic SHERAN .

This scenario happened in the fifth dimension , where time passes faster. This process continues as an echo , repeating all the other smaller dimensions . The same struggles remain locked . The patterns are clear , the extreme conservatism generates empires ... expansionism ... domains. Only the inner emptiness leads to the neutral ... the encounter with ourselves . Neutrality is learning to go through life without forcing anything ... listen to the inner voice ... our Divine I AM Presence ... The Holy Christ self that inhabits our hearts ... our connection with GOD FATHER / MOTHER .
So with the Pleiadian Commander Jehovah ... that was the sower of many worlds ... Orion and Draco also made ​​their forays into the Universe . In 4D races follow their evolutionary course generating new races . The Sirian races generated brave and valiant cosmic browsers , like the Venusians and beings from Mars .
A striking feature of these races is the link between the flow of the pyramids at all planets .
The same pyramids are found on Earth , Venus and Mars .
When these new races and the five root-races began to colonize planets 4D , needed a stronger physical structure and crystalline constitution ... but dense and strong . It was at this time that beings from Vega contributed to this end , with the formation of well-developed genetic .
In 4D there were also spiritual energy or aid - Mother of monads , as they are always present and constant in creating new lives . Besides the migration of five previous races for this quadrant powerful ships ... as well as the coming of beings of Syrian ... that the merger with the purest breeds such as the Pleiadians and the Arcturians ... gave rise to Tauceti and Eradanus .
Other races were showing the formation of Orion and Antares, as beings of Procyon , which then gave rise to a new Spiritual Order that would extend all its colonies .
There is also the case of the Orion beings who, having been slaves of races Orianas , to achieve their freedom sought place to secure your new small population - the Zeta Reticuli , which is to say, generated in a cell or cell reticulum that are actually clones with group consciousness .
So the growth of the races of 4D string have the new 7 races :
• Syrians A and B , Venus, Mars
• Tauceti - Eradanus
• Pleiades
• Arcturus - Antares
• Procyon
• Vega
• Rigel - Orion - Zeta Reticuli

All of these breeds are descended from the 7D and 6D , and the Syrians also bring a parallel with the rise Lirianos . There is a group of Pleiadian beings who also migrated larger without having to Lira . The Vegans also have a more direct lineage of the original source .
Races 4D followed the evolutionary course seeking their individual characteristics and loss of consciousness with the Whole , generating a strong individual identity - the Ego . Conflicts happened again . Was again generating fears or empires of power and control .
In its expansion , these races led to 12 brilliant races , which have spread across the universe in 3D , further expanding the horizon of possibilities , facing the difficulties of the densest plans covering more plasma membranes of the brain generating these races more forgetting breakdown of Original Source . In 3D , new races fought to claim self - generating patterns of fleeing from fear , suffering and hatred. In this quadrant of the Universe 3D flourished many virtues and characteristics , that is the density of this plan. From 7 races 4D five appeared more races totaling 12 races ... 12 tribes :

1. Syrians B
2 . The Syrians (Mars )
3 . Tauceti Eradanus
4 . Venus ( Marduk )
5 . Pleiades
6 . Antares
7 . Arcturus
8 . Procyon
9. Vega ,
10 . Rigel
11 . Draco
12 . Orion ( Zeta Reticuli ) .

Was in 3D which arose the intention that the next worlds to be colonized , it could become a new being grounded in operant breed standard , a race of pure with the best of all breeds beings , the link between all races - ADAM the initial link . During the formation of the genetic structure of the current race, other races came here as missionaries to fulfill support missions and renew contingent beings maintenance of the inner earth , sea and nearby fixed bases Earth races .
The intraterrenos : Laquins , Tot , Betamix and Lomax , are responsible for numerous tasks of healing the planet and the hierarchies of persons connected with them . Some people who are awakening know who have been in cities below ground and they were different people . They are memories of a life among these people guardians of Gaia - Mother Earth .
Aquatic beings also have various classifications and functions ... as well as the Reptilians , the Auananos the Aqualux ( descendants of the Atlantean / Lirianos and Syrians who have been here a long time ago ) . In the seas and in the deep labyrinths of the earth's crust there are real cities, where their ships before entering dematerialize , come on Earth and come back to materialize .
Beings of other races were allowed to come only in the form of missionaries , from 10,500 BC when finishing the construction of the Great Sphinx , marking the era of Leo The Confederation of Planets authorized a plan of action to awaken the slumbering other extraterrestrial beings who were born here, but could not leave the following code lives ... the karmic cycle of the Earth .
A second team would come to this first emergency that when reborn , forgot the mission , because the planetary density is very high on Earth . This second mission came there 4000 BC and is the group most awakened beings because were already warned not to go through the same experience of the previous group .
Besides the 12 root races that formed the DNA of the original race on earth, yet we can mention : Chapel , Andromeda , Capricorn , Canopus , Pegasus , Ganymede , Orfus , Humus , Altair .

A CONFEDERATION OF PLANETS is a group of physical and non-physical beings of many kingdoms unite for some purposes :

- Wake Up humanity ;
- Avoid a critical number of nuclear explosions on Earth , which can cause a rift in the fabric of time / space ... affecting the galactic neighborhood .

A CONFEDERATION OF PLANETS has no intention to intervene or take any person on earth . The human race is responsible for itself ... is free will .

From the book THE ORIGIN OF THE CHILDREN OF THE STARS ( A. Rodriguez ) :
It is important to know that there is a very important experience happening on Earth . Our DNA is the sum of the characteristics of other races ... very old ... who are living in other more advanced dimensions . But we're stuck here for the karma ... by the wayside ... and even by rebellion .
This experience we are living is very, very , very important ... and it seems that is nearing the end of a huge cycle : 2012. We can not fail ... It is time to stop looking at their navel and ... work ...


" The most powerful force that exists in the spiritual body after the strength of mind is sex . Him , God mountains of concentrated energy . Freed indiscriminately , being lead to disillusionment , to wear and to spiritual death . Admittedly all the energy nature can be reassembled easily . on earth's crust, the man has no accurate than is the idea sexuality . nor should condemn sexuality nor should extol the joys too . Sex as God made everything must fit in law of Balance . there's no crime in something that God made . "

Click here to read more : http://www.forumespirita.net/fe/livros/o-sexo-alem-da-morte-r-a-ranieri/?PHPSESSID=52b9536565ca9626c85913dc2847a8b7#ixzz1frsUYXW4
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LAUNCHED THE FIRST VOLUME OF TRILOGY - " . A sleepy , seedy and the path of self - destruction of civilization "
by Romulo Borges Rodrigues Rodrigues , Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 19:14
The theme - based this first book is about behavior. Other matters of great importance were also added to the main theme . Among them :

KARMA - Reincarnation - RELIGION - UFOLOGIE - PLANS supraphysical - Metaphysics - SELF-HELP - HEALTH - AMONG OTHERS .

In this work are also inserted texts transmitted by the Great Cosmic Hierarchy ( Great Universal White Brotherhood ) through conscious mental channeling .

In these texts there are several explanations , warnings and alerts , with respect to the cosmic time at which the Earth is passing and the events to come in the near future .

A work that is worth to be read, studied and meditated .


To purchase this work, please access the following website:


Title : A CIVILIZATION ASLEEP , AND DECADENT WAY of self-destruction - Romulo B. Rodrigues


Or directly at the Headquarters of the Knights , the Ipiranga ( R. Loyal Paulistanos , 543 ) , and on-site therapeutic setting author : . R. Borges Lagoa , 1028 - Vila Clementino (NEAR subway Sta Cruz ) .


Disclosure is also on the Publisher site Scortecci , the Catalogue of Publications in the book Friends Portal and Portal Writer .



E- MAIL : romulorodrigues@terapeutaholistico.com.br


Romulo B. Rodrigues
 fd.lis2012 @ bol.com.br

Flash Clocks , Leo Clocks at WishAFriend.com


PORTAL OF LIGHT CHILDREN OF STARS Being Lightworker is the essence of Soul load a mission with strong inner desire to spread Light and expanding knowledge , freedom and love on earth . We feel that as a batalha.A All those who remain unconvinced that this big blue ball this the greatest of all schools of infinite redemption of incondicional.A love you all TO ALL wayfarers COSMIC SPACE , LOTS OF LIGHT OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE INFINITE


YOU are your own master . BECOME transmute UP , UP IDENTIFY AND TAKE UP TO HIS LIGHT Being Lightworker in Buddhism is the essence of Soul load a mission with strong inner desire to spread Light and expanding knowledge , freedom and love on earth . We feel this as a battle of good against evil light in the darkness . We are attracted to spirituality and to some kind of work Therapeutic .







This symbol was given to us by the Servants of Light, Superior Brothers of the Intergalactic Confederation , Luminous Beings in loving service to Planet Earth .


It is a gateway to the Higher Dimensions , which is intended to be used as a " shield of protective energy " radiating light in the place where you are.


Stay Rosacea watching for a few minutes until you feel it pulse in her heart, she will serve as great protection for those who contains within himself .

Message of Our Lady of the Afflicted 2008-11-28

Alleged messages of Our Lady and prophecies harvested on the Internet , believe it or not is at the discretion of each. Many of the messages are coming from radical religious groups . We believe that the human personality factor can often interfere with transcription ( download) of the message .
Message of Our Lady of the Afflicted
 Following is a message of N ª Sra of the Afflicted , a young mystic priest, Father Santiago . The message was given to him as a child 18 years ago with the notice of N ª Sra that warn when intended to be disclosed. The message was saved by another priest. Now N ª Sra sent her promotion . Every day 7 Father Santiago is in contact with Our Lady of the Afflicted . This message was stored for 18 years at the request of the Virgin Mary . The message was not fully disclosed to His request.

This message was kept secret for 18 years at the request of Our Lady . Ad this message as a warning sign to the whole world .
"Dear children:
Be not frightened but pray for the heavens and earth will pass away but God's words will never pass away . Men sin , and in his sins without brake , cause damage across the planet , the whole world is on catastrophic threats that man can never prevent from happening .
Famines , wars, plagues , diseases , earthquakes tsunamis that cause damage and kill thousands of lives around the planet causing me deep pain because my calls are left aside by the Church and the whole world, but I shall not tire to ask for prayer for the world, in order to minimize the disasters that will come in the future ... ( ... ) .
In Portugal there will be disasters ever seen in its history , many will die from disasters caused by nature , strong winds and will provoke disasters like never before. A large part of the capital will be shaken and destroyed ... There will be earthquakes in Spain and Portugal and the sea will cover part of the land of Portugal , in the day ... because injustice , impurity and wickedness will spread by Portugal . Places that have had no earthquakes shall be shaken in Italy and France all across Spain to Portugal leaving marks of great destruction . Many will die from hunger all over Spain and Portugal .
I will return to Portugal before the return of My Son Jesus , redeem the faithful of My Immaculate Heart will triumph as My promises made ​​in Portugal . The elect will be waiting for the return of my Son Jesus. Many who up to now have not practiced the messages I left at Fatima cry to me in those days and I will do great miracles and I will show them the importance of love to my Immaculate Heart . Therefore , in the midst of great destruction that will soon take place in Portugal , the grace of God be upon that country, Altar of Marian devotion , as obedient to My kids these messages reach of God 's mercy , and thus be free of any natural hazards or spiritual .
Even in this post I ask prayer for the conversion of sinners and for peace in the world.
The world is about threats , as soon as men will face a terrible financial crisis that will shake the world . The Stock Exchange of New York will collapse and when it does, worldwide hunger increase , and stay aware that the days of great trials ahead. The time has come harvest worldwide . The Spirit of the Lord will prepare My children , and many others will be caught and saved and protected according to the commandment of the Lord , then it will be the final judgment .
The Church of My Son will be purified , protected and ready for the final day . Men will die of thirst in the sea. The rivers dry up, and men will fight for water from east to west . In these times many earthquakes happen that rivers shall flow different directions in the continent , flooding many villages . There will be earthquakes on earth as never was since the world was created by God as love has been refused now among the five continents .
Veils of blood , fire and discord fall of Rome and the Vatican , but in these days the new Pope will carry the new name with ten letters will not be in the Holy See , he will journey which will meet their tragic fate and the Church will be delivered the wolves in lambs and the Vatican will be delivered to the Masonic powers .
The Antichrist will deceive Pope will proclaim that much of the Church , he will make false advertisement , announce the end of the world , and the vast majority of people believe in man Costumes White , who miraculously save the world from destruction and will be applauded worldwide and will be known as Pope savior of the world and then the Church will change completely, it will force Christians to worship a false God and renounce the true faith .


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Metatron OF PROGRAMLEVEL 1  ( reposting ) Beloved , we offer this first level of the Metatron program to help them understand the changes within you and help them to flow with the energy currents that activate and release through you , through this period of great transition . We ask each of you to connect with your heart like a golden wheel of energy. Here lives the divine…Continue

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NEW VISITORS TO THE MOTHER SHIP Unlocking MOTHER By Suzanne Lie PhD On September 28, 2013MYTRE TALKING :The expression on the faces of Sandy and Jason reminded me of my first visit to the Mother ShipI could see by the expression of Mytria she felt the same.We smiled lovingly and said as one voice :Please follow us . Is there anyone we want you to know .Although Sandy and Jason were behind us , we could feel the excitement of his first "conscious " visit the Mother ShipThe two were on their…Continue

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Santa Command Amethyst .

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The union of all beings and consciousnesses that are side by side the mighty Archangel Ezekiel , Grand Commander and Warrior Starfire, form the Santa Command Amethyst .Charge of retraining elemental low frequency , redemption of souls , cleansing the depths of the threshold , beyond the important task of upgrading the barrier frequency and balance of the planetary magnetic…Continue

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EDUCATING CHILDREN INDIGO AND CRYSTALS: EDUCATING THE HEARTEducating Indigo and Crystal Children: Parenting from the heart.Indigo or Crystal Educating a child is a special privilege in these times of turmoil and change. As a parent, you are contributing to the establishment of new standards for the education of children on the planet. 're Partnering with your child to increase the resonance of the relationship between parents / children to the highest level possible in these times. The Indigo…Continue



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PURIFICATION Essene EXERCISE AND HEALTHBeing in the middle of the living nature , between heaven and earth . Feel the earth beneath your feet feels like charging you the earth and sustains you . Feel the infinite sky above you , inspires you , improves , elevates it . In heaven , I think the origin of its spirit and intelligence. In the sky , think about the source of his eternal soul , the higher universal consciousness . On earth , think of the origin of his earthly soul into your individual…Continue


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Thank you for this group I did go ahead and broadcast a email on both new groups I will be checking back frequently to see if there is anything I can do to help you Blessings Sierra Sky


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Santa Command Amethyst .

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