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Ghost hunters can use the moon for better research results. The improvement can vary from slight to significant, but--in a field where we are still working in the dark (no pun intended)--even a small advantage can be important.
People act-out their aggressions more during the full moon. In fact, the word "lunatic" comes from the word "lunar," and relates to the moon.
This pattern of moon-related madness has been proved in a variety of studies, including Lieber's study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry [1978 May;39(5):385-92.]. A 1987 survey and a 1995 study at the University of New Orleans provide additional evidence.
From homicides to suicides, from aggravated assaults to fatal traffic accidents... all increase at the full moon. But, while psychiatric admissions drop at the new and full moons, they increase during the first quarter (the days immediately following the new moon).
We can see three reasons why ghost hunting may improve at the full and new moons: Ghosts' anniversaries, the effects of the moon on ghosts, and lunar effects on ghost hunters
A History of Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Hauntings
Since ancient times the Full Moon has been associated with ghosts, hauntings and the supernatural. In October, the Full Moon is referred to as the" Blood Moon." Late October is also traditionally a time when spirits of ancestors, as well as other ghosts are thought to return to visit the living, during the celebration of Halloween, or Samhain (Sow-en) to the ancient Celts & modern pagans.
In early Ireland, and in our modern day, "Dumb Suppers" are held, where a place is set at the supper table for the visiting dead. The living ate in silence throughout the Dumb Supper. Such ghostly meals were based on a belief that the dead would make one last appearance before the sun and earth slip into the shadows of winter, in order to bid the living well and partake of this last feast. The Dumb Supper is still practiced on the Isle of Man. A seance usually follows.
In England, something similar was called "a soulin" where people played tricks on neighbors and begged for food in frightening costumes or masks that were used to scare away evil spirits. This was the precursor of our modern day trick or treat.
Lunar eclipses have been noted as spiritually important by ancient peoples universally, as they believed eclipses sharpened the Full Moon's mysterious, ghostly powers, if you will, causing change, sometimes death, bringing about supernatural visions, thereby heightening the appearances of ghosts, spirits, and phantoms. When viewed from the earth, the moon appeared to turn blood red in color and so was referred to as "Blood On the Moon." On October 27th, such a moon phase will take place and is said to be an ideal time for ghost-hunting.
The reason? Ghost researchers have found that ghost sightings tend to occur in places that show high electromagnetic activity. The Full Moon, as well as Lunar Eclipses, and solar flares bring about such increased magnetism on the earth plane, far greater than is what is normal. The moisture of fall also can also bring about high levels of electromagnetic fields and other static energies. Ghosts tend to thrive on static energies, it is thought, borrowing this energy in order to appear to the living.
On actual ghost hunts, persons often do not see or hear anything unusual. Many times the activity is translated by a psychic or empathic medium. It is not until you take your equipment home and analyze it, such as in downloading your pictures, getting readings, or listen to the recordings, through which such evidence makes itself known.
Paranormal activity often increases on the anniversary (calendar date) of a ghost's death. However, we may see a similar, lesser pattern if the moon was full or new on the date that the ghost died.
If you know the date that the person died, you can quickly check the phase of the moon at Virtual Reality Moon Phase (dates after the year 1800) or at Stellafane Moon Phase Calculator.
If the person died at the new or full moon, visit the haunted site at that time each month, and especially at that moon phase nearest the ghost's day of death.
Also, if the ghost responded to lunar cycles during life, investigate increased activity at the critical moon phase nearest the ghost's birthday. Many ghosts appear on their own birthdays, expecting some sort of party.


"We have found that two or three days on each side of the full or new
moons are the best times for ghost investigations, and also during solar
storms. We have been teaching that peak geomagnetic fields are the
best times since 1994. Peak hauntings seem to occur during peak
geomagnetic conditions." -Dr. Dave Oester of Ghostweb.com

Whether or not the ghost's death correlates to a full or new moon, it's wise to check for increased activity on those nights each month. From our experiences, ghosts are often more easily influenced by little things--and downright obstinate about larger, more obvious issues (such as being dead)--than they probably were in life. So, it's possible that the moon has a greater effect on them now.
In our research, we've had slightly better results during "dark of the moon" ghost hunts, when there is no visible moon at all.
However, we've also seen increased activity at the full moon, and the added light makes it easier to work without using our flashlights.
In addition to the effects of the moon on ghosts, ghost hunters can enjoy greater psychic sensitivity during the full and/or new moons. We recommend testing this, individually and as a team, to see if the moon influences your research results.
Many astrologers believe that the new moon is most powerful. Some recommend setting goals or working with scrying tools during that time.
We have seen baffling links between water and hauntings.
Sites with poltergeists report unexplained drops or small puddles of water in the room, and--in general--more poltergeist activity near water; many poltergeist reports are about kitchens. Many of the best EVP recordings and other strong evidence for hauntings, occur near streams or in close proximity to groundwater. Early studies suggest that running water may generate a frequency that renders some people more sensitive to psychic phenomena.
Also, since the moon affects the tides and groundwater, there is room for speculation about lunar cycles and increased paranormal activity, or perhaps more awareness of it.
At this point, this is guesswork, and some of it sounds (admittedly) improbable. However, all avenues of ghost research must be explored.
The moon table below shows today's phase of the moon. Bookmark this page and check it before your next ghost hunt. Observe whether the moon has any effect on your research, and--if there is a pattern--plan future ghost hunts to make use of lunar cycles.
http://www.angelsghosts.com/ghost_hunting_times_data.html this link gives you current date and other charts to consider.


Full Moon
100% of Full
Thu 17 Jul, 2008
moon info

Space Weather, It¢s impact on the paranormal
By Dan Jungles
Paranormal activity is greatly impacted by space weather. There are three factors an investigator should consider while conducting research and a paranormal investigation: solar flares, geomagnetic storms, and the phases of the moon.

Solar flares occur when a large flaming flare emanates from the sun, rises into space, then crashes back into the sun's surface. When this happens, massive amounts of solar x-rays and cosmic radiation are forced outward from the sun and eventually make their way to earth. When this occurs, the level of energy in our planet¢s atmosphere is increased. This increase of energy leads to an escalation of paranormal activity. It is believed that spirits use this energy to help materialize. For this reason it is important for paranormal researchers and investigators to monitor solar flares prior to conducting investigations.

Geomagnetic storms occur when electrically charged particles emanate from the sun, crashing into the earth's surface, which disrupts the earth's magnetic fields. This type of disturbance has also been shown to increase the amount of paranormal activity. An essential tool for any paranormal investigator is an EMF detector (Electromagnetic Field). An EMF detector detects the electric and magnetic fields in the atmosphere. Spirits are believed to exist on the electromagnetic plane. Thus, when a spirit is present they will cause a disturbance in these fields, which can be detected by an EMF detector.

Paranormal activity seems to be greatly influenced by the geomagnetic field. The phases of the moon have been proven to impact the intensity of the earth's geomagnetic field. The best times to conduct paranormal investigations is 2-3 days prior to a new or full moon, the day of a new or full moon, and 2-3 days after a new or full moon.
Prior to conducting any type of paranormal investigation, the status of each of these factors should be checked. When researching paranormal activity, it is also possible to establish a pattern that may show how space weather impacts paranormal activity. The monitors for each of these factors can be checked on our homepage www.aghostpage.com . When scheduling an investigation space weather should be considered. While solar flares and geomagnetic storms are not as predictable, the lunar cycles can be determined years ahead of time. Paranormal activity occurs every day, regardless of space weather. However, it has been proven that solar flares, geomagnetic storms and phases of the moon have had significant influence in the past, and they should not be ignored.
Another great link full of moon/ other cyclic information to use in your ghost hunting!

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